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When it comes to succeeding there’s absolutely nothing that can replace persistence and innovation in a profitable home based business.

It has nothing to do with your good looks, intelligence or how much money you have. Persistence and innovation by itself can assist you in having a profitable home based business like nothing else can.

I’m going to tell you a true story about the true spirit and power of persistence and innovation.

In 1990 a newbie to the online world decided he was going to start and build a profitable home based business.

By 2001 He was flat broke. I mean he was past broke if you could say such a thing.

He was incredibly in over his head, with a debt of $ 60,000 and he wasn’t bringing in an income.

He never thought he wouldn’t have a profitable home based business by then. And like always, the bills kept on coming from creditors that wanted his money.

He figured they had no clue that he didn’t have a cent to pay them.

He was in a nightmare situation. First not having a profitable home based business to speak of and on the verge of literally losing everything.

His cost of living was over $ 3000 a month and he was only bringing in $ 500 to $ 1000 per month. He needed to turn his business into a profitable home based business quickly.

Doing the math he was just getting farther and farther in arrears to the point of paying bills with credit card cash advances.

He drained $ 25,000 in savings and dug himself into a $ 60,000 credit card pit.

Then suddenly he was able to turn it all around. Can you believe he was making $ 500 one month to over $ 9000 the next month. He was able to put together the pieces to finally make his breakthrough.

And it got even better with the next month pulling in $ 15,000 a month.

Then amazingly $ 25,000.

Then his home based Internet business took him to a whole different level with $ 50,000 per month.

He was doing so good that he decided to write extensively on his rise to success in making the real transition to a profitable home based business.

And what’s outstanding about this is that he’s developed 2 courses that explain in detail how anyone can duplicate what he’s done to sustain a profitable home based business if they are persistent.

Even with all the effort and detail of putting together these one of a kind courses, there was one variable that he realized he wasn’t going to be able to control.

Can you guess what this one uncontrollable variable is? The answer is YOU!

Each and every one of us here on this earth are unique. We’re not going to do anything exactly the way someone else does it. When it come to having a profitable home based business, we are going to reach our goal in our own way. Even if we try to follow something exactly a certain way, it’s always going to vary a little.

He concluded that ‘success’ is dependent on many variables. Your personality, skills, experiences, cultural background and motivation etc.

Since we are all unique, a profitable home based business is not going to happen doing it just exactly like someone else. Of course I’m not saying not to learn from others, but rather we need to fit what we learn according to our own personalities.

That means to follow a model or learn information and integrate it into our very own personal business philosophy.

You need to formulate your own profitable home based business based on YOU and Who You Are!

A home based Internet business must reflect who you are as a person. You are the one running it and not someone else. Have the confidence to think on your own when implementing techniques and strategies of others, to attain you goal of a profitable home based business.

If you don’t think on your own because you really don’t have a sense of who you are can make it really easy to get stuck along the way. You just might have a difficult time getting past a certain challenge, because you don’t think on your own. This can quickly become a real problem to having a profitable home based business.

So here are some great way to get unstuck and build up a profitable home based business.

1- Go somewhere you’ve never been before. Just do it and spend a day or two in a place that you can completely forget your problems and challenges. This will refresh your mind and give you the new outlook you need to get back in there and make you goals a reality with a clear mind.

2-Take a 180 degree turn in your daily routine. Do things that are totally uncharacteristic of you. Take a different road you never thought to take or learn a hobby that you wanted to do, but never considered doing. Get your mind working in a way that it has never worked before.

3- This sounds bizarre, but when you can’t move forward, jump up and down, shout and dance and just physically move that body of yours. Get the body moving in different ways has a way of stimulating the mind in ways to create new ways of thinking and getting you unstuck in your current way of thinking.

Finishing off, a profitable home based business is attainable when you have and implement the right information. But it’s critical that everything that is learned is integrated into who you are. Know who you are and also know along the way you will have sticking points in your progress. Use the techniques that are described in the articles to get unstuck, so you can attain your dreams of success.

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