Amazon Investment Book Reviews: Have You Been Brainwashed?

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Most popular investment books are published for the already rich and famous, by an industry that has become just too good at the business of selling books. Rarely will a publisher take a chance with the work of an unknown author. Certainly, it’s a no brainer to sell a Jim Cramer, Peter Lynch, Robert Kiyosaki, or Maria Bartiromo effort while a uniquely new approach to solving the puzzles of Wall Street, presented by an unknown writer or commentator, requires some major financial risk.

Big publishers want to sell already big names; discovering new ones is not in their wheelhouse. Are they responsible for the problems in the financial markets? Of course not, but they do have a perverse, if indirect, impact. By constantly publishing the same Wall Street friendly message, they contribute to the brainwashing.

Without a wider distribution of new ideas based on old wisdom, Wall Street as usual remains Wall Street as usual and the average investor remains uninformed and ill advised about the dangers of the financial markets. The biggest investment mistake generators are cleverly ignored by most of the books I’ve read about investing— even compounded.

The new generation focus on calendar year instead of market cycle performance; the worship of portfolio market value alone, for all securities, even those purchased solely for income production; the use of gimmicks and products instead of securities for portfolio development; the acceptance of speculations as acceptable, “alternative” investments.

Appreciating the differences between investing and speculating, and learning what to expect from your securities in cyclical markets are things that investors must learn about. Have you been brainwashed? These 15 Amazon members are learning to think outside the Wall Street box, without any help (or investment) from publishers:

1) Super Investing Book: I’ve read a bunch of books on investing and money management, and this is the best, BY FAR!!!!! It’s so good, and refreshing, that I’ve read it twice. (R. Q. A., Bryan, Texas)

2) Back to Basics: This is an eye-opening and intelligent book, which at once offers an analysis of the investment industry and a practical guide for non-professional investors— a clear set of economic principles mixed with clear commonsensical advice. The author— describes how to benefit from the ups and downs. Great book. (Professor P. W., Jerusalem, Israel)

3) The Best Investment Book I Have Ever Read: For skittish investors such as me, [the] unique Working Capital Model reduces the emotional factor by taking the emphasis off market value and focusing on growth of working capital. I implemented and followed the trading strategy myself. You would do well to buy this book and read it two or three times. It will save you [from] a lifetime of mistakes that come from following conventional wisdom. (D. J. F., Peoria, IL)

4) Easy to Understand, Even for Non-Investors: This book seems to be much easier to understand than the stock market trading systems advertised on TV. (P. L., Manchester, CT)

5) Happy User: You can take this system to heart— and to the bank. It works for me. (L. J., Phoenix, AZ)

6) Unique Advice that Stands Out From the Crowd: This is one of two [books] that stand out. Besides being written in an entertaining and irreverent style, it has immensely practical advice. Focus on making money on the market’s inherent volatility vs. trying to guess what’s next. Saves a lot of time and appears to work. (C. M. Rakes, Annandale, VA)

7) An Enlightened Self-Managed Investor: Not only did I identify many many mistakes that I had made thru the years, but the logical approach outlined [in the book] has to make sense to anybody who has tried to get meaningful portfolio guidelines for future investments tailored to individual needs. Great Book! (A. C., West Palm Beach, FL)

8) Right on the Money: I didn’t want to put the book down until I was through. [The] trading strategy is refreshing information that should make a lot of people a lot of money with less risk. (D. M., SC)

9) Investing Made Successful: I heard [the Author] on a talk-radio program and was intrigued by the premise of the book. After reading it, I’m convinced. I’m migrating from mutual funds to individual, high quality equities. [The book] was a slap in the face to make me stop my destructive investing habits. (G. P., Colorado Springs, CO)

10) What a Great Read: This is really an incredible book— [it] has incorporated very creative insight with some highly original thinking to produce one of the best “investing manuals” ever written. I wholeheartedly endorse this book! (“Jointhefreedom”, NM)

11) Courage To Go Against the Pack: The [book] is written in an exciting, enthusiastic, fast moving, style that reads like a novel. Should I ever venture into the stock market, it will be with this book. (S. M., Virginia Beach, VA)

12) L-O-N-G Overdue Investment Strategy Advice: I’ve long been skeptical of the generic advice handed down to me by advisors over the past— I don’t know any wealthy people who do this. Well now I have a frame of reference for my doubts about the system and a simple plan to take control of my investments. (B. S., Vancouver, BC, Canada)

13) A Must Read To Save Your Money From the Sharks: Written in a conversational style with plenty of humor, this book gives you the questions and answers you need to keep and increase monies that are being put away for retirement. I have purchased three books already and am purchasing five more to give to friends and relatives— (R. M., San Jose, CA)

14) Brainwashing of the American Investor: Finally the truth! What an eye-opener to see how the markets, and the people behind the markets, have manipulated the average investor over the years. I highly recommend [this] book for your next financial read. (A. J. L., Ft. Pierce, FL)

15) Profit Like a Trader; Sleep Like an Investor: The technique or strategy presented is almost a “why didn’t I think of that?” The idea is to run your portfolio the same way you would run a business—not a get-rich-quick kind of plan. You just focus on the essential measures of quality. The key is to maintain your plan during the slow times and reign in your greed during the boom times. (P. G., Moon Township, PA)

Today’s publishing industry has a no-risk attitude, and those that are brave enough to deal with new authors are intimidated by the full-return guarantee demands of the bookstores. Stuck in the middle with no choice, most new authors must turn to self-publishing.

The reviews above describe a book that Wall Street wants to keep in the closet, an educational and strategic breakthrough that would have allowed most investors to avoid the bubbles and derivatives that caused our current financial woes. There are probably others— below the 200-level in all Amazon’s best categories.

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