Quick Review on Golf Injuries and Wrist Injuries

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Some common golf injuries are difficult to avoid. This is particularly true owing to the way the game is played. The best way to prevent getting these injuries is to learn how they happen so you can avoid those situations. Many people skip the step of making sure they are in good physical condition before they step out onto the golf course. Though golf can cause a number of injuries, being in good physical condition can help prevent these greatly.

As you can imagine, with all of the walking and swinging that you do with clubs on the green back injuries are quite common. Things that can help avoid back problems include muscle rubs, ice packs, back braces, and proper conditioning of the back muscles. Backs need plenty of rest following a game of strenuous golf activity. You should get plenty before continuing on with your activities. Because of the stress put on the back, golfers who play continuous back to back games should consider a good massage or perhaps even a chiropractic alignment.

An additional common golf injury is the golfer’s elbow, a variant of the traditional tennis elbow. This injury results in players who begin playing large amounts of golf suddenly. Minor differences exist between tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow. The outer side of the upper arm is the region affected by tennis elbow, while the inner upper arm is what is affected by golfer’s elbow. While it is true that no one specific preventative measure will prevent this injury, it is primarily found in people who play the game more frequently at a sudden interval. For those that would otherwise only play a single game of golf in a month, for example, playing a long tournament without any additional conditioning would lead them vulnerable to these types of conditions.

Many golfers experience shoulder pain. This common golf injury is an unsurprising aspect of golfing for many players. As you can imagine, golfers put a tremendous amount of pressure on their shoulders every time they swing their clubs. For a golfer that has an out of shape, tired, or worn body, it is not difficult to add an injury. Because shoulders muscles are going to be in use frequently in the game, the best way to prevent injury to them is through warming them up but keeping your body in good shape is also helpful.

Because golf involves a lot of repeated movement, another common golf injury is carpal tunnel syndrome. For instance, you could experience this injury through playing continuous games of golf in a row over several months. This injury is sometimes very dire, but golfers who catch it early – typically the ones who take better care of their body – you can usually make the symptoms subside with a simple brace. Others have far worse cases of this dreadful disease, losing all ability to move their hands and these unlucky people usually require surgery. For many affected by carpal tunnel syndrome, the onset of the disease can be shocking, as it has no true warning signs up until the signs of the disease suddenly appear. Always ensure that you wear a wrist brace if you start to notice that you are having serious wrist pain.

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