Starting Your Home Based Business On A Shoestring Budget

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Whether looking to supplement your income or looking to earn a full time income, many people are turning to home based businesses in order to meet their personal and financial needs.

When people consider working in a home based business, it is often necessary to find a business that requires little or no cost to start up. Many people are also looking for a home business that will allow them to continue working their normal job, so they can rest assured bills will get paid.

It is a wise decision to be cautious when starting up a home based business. By maintaining their job, they ensure their business can take the needed time to grow, while still maintaining a healthy personal financial status.

Thankfully, many home based businesses can be started with little or even no cash. Likewise, many businesses can be run on a shoestring budget and can be successfully operated on a part time basis.

In time, the business will be able to support itself, as well as its owner. At that time, it is probably best that the business owner quit his full time job and focus his attentions on the growing home based business. When that time approaches, you will know and feel confident in your decision.

With the way home based businesses work, it is extremely easy for most people to dive right into their own home business.

However, many people put off the notion of starting up a home based business simply because of the misconception they have in regards to the risks and the overall start up costs. They often fear that if the business fails, they will need to take out a second mortgage on their home so they can avoid bankruptcy.

Do you happen to fall into this category? Are you someone who lets their fears of failure keep them from obtaining their dreams?

If so, then let me show you a variety of business opportunities that can be started for as little as $ 100 and can be easily operated on a part time basis.


You will want to begin by doing your research. Find a business model that will give you the opportunity to deliver a steady stream of business, as well as repeat customers. This simple concept will help your business to survive over time.


One example of a home based business that can grow quickly is a mail order business. You can start up a mail order based business for around $ 100 USD.

If you do some proper planning, you can easily begin a home based mail order business that does not require an inventory purchase upfront. In a mail order business, it is common practice to use drop-shippers in order to fulfill product requirements.

By using a drop shipper, you can sell your products, receive your money and then buy the products from a wholesale outlet. Then, the outlet will deliver your product to the consumer, with your return address on the label.

With a mail order business, advertising will be your largest cost. One form of advertising that is often fairly inexpensive is classified advertising. There are thousands of outlets readily available to small business owners.


You can easily acquire high quality products for a small fraction of the retail cost. The key is to buy low and sell high.


An excellent source for purchasing items inexpensively and selling them for a profit is an auction. Both Internet and government auctions are an excellent way to purchase items that can be sold for a considerable profit. Auctions can also be very successful in selling merchandise.


Crafts are very popular at swap meets, county fairs and holiday bazaars. If you are looking to make a profit, you can sell your homemade crafts.


Another inexpensive home based business is to sell information by mail. For around $ 50 USD, you can purchase resale rights. Some of your other costs will include paper, printer cartridges and postage.

On the Internet, there are a variety of free classified sites, which you can advertise your information successfully.


You can also write and publish informational booklets, which you can then sell for a considerable profit. In order to succeed, you simply need a little know how, a quality printer, paper and some stamps. This is an excellent business opportunity.

For extra profit, you can resale the rights to other
people. With the success of the Internet, you can take full advantage of selling information for a considerable profit.


You can advertise your services for hire in your local newspaper. You will likely be surprised at the response you will get from a small classified advertisement. Typing, word processing, proofreading, data entry, promotional letters, transcription and newsletters are all a step in the right direction for your home business.


Avon has been around for quite some time. Therefore, it couldn’t be a bad home based business, right? I once knew a woman who was a very successful Avon representative. She had people knocking at her door and calling her at all times of the day, simply to purchase products from her. Once you have established yourself as a representative, you can then make a considerable profit.


When searching for a home based business, it is important that you do not become a victim to a scam. There are thousands of scam artists just waiting to take your money. Therefore, it is important to remember, if it sounds too good, chances are it is. Use your best judgment and invest wisely with methods that have been proven to work and earn extra income.

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